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Stayed at Taughannock for our annual week at Cayuga. Fished cayuga Sunday to Wednesday and hit fair haven Thursday.


At Cayuga we did about 70 fish in the 4 days we fished. The first three days were mostly lakers as we were fishing deeper water and moving all over the place. The last day my buddy and I wanted to change it up so we trolled some shallower water and caught a ton of silvers but all very small. We did get the grand slam though that day getting 2 rainbows, 2 lakers, 5-6 small LL’s, and about 15 browns. That was cool even if they were small. We stopped netting fish and taking pictures because we were catching so many in those 4 days with beautiful weather! Only kept some lakers the first day, about 7 of them and were catch and release the rest of the trip. Biggest fish were lakers around 9.5 pounds, and a lot of that size. Couldn’t break 10 pounds! Great time and great weather.





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