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Monroe County Offshore Classic results

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Results by team name and pounds for 5 fish total

Bullseye 40.99

Screamin Pirate 95.07

Big Riggin. DQ

Goliath 102.11

Hound Dog 98.44

Great lakes Lure Co 37.46

Always somthing 42.97

Dream Catcher 75.16

MissDemeanor 49.18

Double D 33.55

Tip toucher 52.70

Fly'n Fish 45.68

Candy 68.34

Freedom Charters 66.62

Draggin Balls 79.38

Fish Finatic 77.11

Yeager 50.62

The Shizel 39.18

Reel Serious 74.00

Fishlander 35.25

High Voltage 81.03

Crazy Yankee 70.68

Dandy Eyes 42.74

Shark Bite 72.77

Reelaxin 89.16

Hammerhead 29.84

Hells Bells 50.70

Off the Hook 23.78

Hooked up 60.83

Make the Turn 63.59

Rochester Sportfishing DQ


Big fish awards by weight


Fly'n Fish ... 25.48 ......King Salmon

Dream Catcher...9.06 ... Steelhead

Shark Bite .....16.42..... Lake Trout

MissDemeanor ...11.42 ..Brown Trout


Thank you to all the participants. We were able to donate $2,200 to Dream Factory Rochester.

We had 44 boats enter..... We were very pleased at the turnout due to the high water debacle..

Thanks again, and have a safe rest of the season....



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