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new cannon down riggers. (Optimum)

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Stationary booms , plastic rod holders and the size of a Mack truck. I can see my FishHawk head unit from anywhere but the cabin on my boat . No need to walk over to the rigger to get info and the Bluetooth version show up on the cell  which I never use anyway. I am sure it's a nice unit but they failed to address what I mentioned.

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I loved my Mag 10 s .



Smooth , fast enough,auto stop, not huge . I used mine a lot . They just wore out . 


I would  think  auto stop would be a standard feature  now days  on all brands . 


I look at the new,ones and they are 50% bigger . 


I don't want them so fast they bounce when they stop.and break the cable . I know guys this,has,happened to .Or drop so fast you can't control them . Why do they need to be so fast? 


I wish I could find a new set in the box  .


I'm leaning toward Big Jon . 


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