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Weird, slow year continues for me. Started at 0630 in 80 FOW. Marked quite a bit of bait balls, and some fish "hooks". No bites at all after about 1 1/2 to two hours! Interestingly the fish we marked were not by the bait. They were down 50 feet. So, we pulled everything up motored out to 340 FOW. It would have taken too long to troll north with the heavy wave action out there today. To much rocking and rolling. There was a heavy current, waves from the Northeast all morning, so getting a smooth ride was tough today. We had to go into the waves or with them of course. I watched for a surface temperature break all the way out but saw nothing but a one degree change at most. We caught only one Salmon, on a dipsey 112 feet out. It took a stud fly with spin doctor. This was at 340 FOW. We had a two dipseys, a 10 color, and two riggers out all the while. We quit at 1100. Several other boats, and the folks at the ramp had a similar "slow" report. This year has really been a disappointment for me compared to the last three. HIT AND MISS, and I've been missing mostly.


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