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7/7/19 Oneida

Miss em

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I was tied up with several other boats floating and swimming over the fourth and turned on my graph to check temp, and found a big school of bait parked under us with what looked like walleye on it.  I checked periodically over a few hours and they stayed with us, I was using auto pilot to hold our floatilla pointing into the wind  with my TM.  The women decided they wanted to move so I turned us all and pulled off the school.  I looked behind the boat to make sure  the kayaks tied to us were ok and bait starts boiling.  Next thing a whole school of big walleye start porpoising out of the water slashing bait.  Next day I tried offshore and bingo!  It's still slow, but with the imaging I found a couple schools of bait with walleye on em.  All our action was on riggers.  My new Lexa 100lc's with walleye casting rods were a lot of fun with 5-6 lb fish!  

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