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Yankee at the Oak July 6th

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It's been slow out there as of late, but you wouldn't know that if you fished on the Yankee Troller today!


We started inside in 25-35' and had a heck of a morning fishing Brown Trout. Cannon Downriggers tracking bottom, divers out 50-60 on a 3 setting, 5 color cores behind Off Shore Tackle Company OR12 in-lines, and a 150' copper. We easily had our box in there, but this crew choose to toss all but 2 Brown Trout back. Hot BT spoons today were Wonderbread, Yellow Tail, Circus Freak, and Sea Sick Waddler.


Even though the Salmon bite seemed slow talking with a handful of boats our clients made the decision to try for a Salmon around 10am. Off a tip from my buddy Jonathan Forder we ran out to 250-325' in front of Johnson's Creek. We didn't have a great picture on our Humminbird, but rods started to fly. A FishUSA Stealthcore 10 color pulling a Wonderbread took a few nice Salmon. A Warrior Spearmint took a nice Steelie on a 200' copper. Our Downriggers were firing with a Glow Watermelon, UV Beefeater, Spearmint, and Real Melon with Salmon and Steelhead. We also had a bite on a Familiar Bite Herring strip out 150' on a 2 setting, and an A-Tom-Mik Mfg. UV 190 behind a Team Dreamweaver paddle on the 300' copper.


These two father and son teams left with a TON of smiles and great memories as well as a pile of Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon!




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That’s a decent day ! Late 70’s when I started chartering  on Lk O , this time of year , I always caught well on core ! 

In those days very few if any pulled wire or core!

The spoons mentioned by Yankee Troller I never heard of , I pulled Stingers , Producers , NK’s and Red Eyes for Browns inshore . There were others that worked but these were my go to sets !

Used custom made Lauvrick double boards to spread the core .

Dipseys had just arrived on scene , pulled those in Out Rod holders !

Set up in the deep Drs 4x 8’ side riggers , stern 4’’s 

Used boards on occasion if temps were right for Steele’s ! Always core in boards this time of year


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