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Sodus 7/8- kids fishing trip

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Well, after a few weeks hiatus, and a big NE blow, I was able to get back on the big lake out of Sodus.  I didn't have any idea what to expect after the NE blow, so we started in tight to see if we could get the browns to go.  I had a VERY limited window, as I was taking my 5 and 7 year old kids out.  we got up "early" at 4:45 and were fishing by 6:30 (pretty good all things considered)... we needed to make it count, because I had to be back at the dock by 10 am to go to work!


we set up in 40 FOW and worked slowly out.  Temp was 68 on top and 50 down 30, so most of my spread was concentrated 15-35 down.  we used all spoons, a mix of SS and regular sized spoons.  fortunately, we found the browns right where they should be, inside of 80 FOW. they preferred green spoons in UV patterns and a blue UV moonshine.  Riggers 15-35 down and a 10 color core took our fish- our board lines and dipseys did squat.  The browns are VERY fat and healthy, and my kids had a blast.  As an added bonus, my daughter got a brown worthy of the wall (she's been begging me for several years) when she boated a sweet low teens brown (close to 13 lbs).  What a great fishery- big, beautiful fish that my kids can catch almost entirely by themselves.  You've gotta love it.  There is nothing better than getting my kids out there!


I wont be reporting anything more until after the pro am now.  Good luck to everyone out there!








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That is great. Love those pics.
Never fished browns before but may try this weekend. Any advice? I know where to fish them but is there anything diff with lead length or speed etc?
Thanks in advance

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I use lighter leaders, but about the same distance (20-50). We were catching them a little slower last time, like 1.8-2.1... but that varies

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That is what life is all about! Taking kids fishing and getting them out of the house and off of the computer games. I have caught so many fish in my life and I still enjoy taking people fishing and having them catch their first salmon, brown, steelhead, or lake trout. And I have so many people that have caught the biggest fish in their life on my boat and that makes me feel good. There is something about finding the fish, getting the right application in front of them, and hearing the clicker screaming. It will never get old. There is something about hanging out with family and friends and fishing and telling war stories that recharges my batteries and gives me another outlook on life. I know when I lose Pandora and cell phone service that I am in my happy place and I just keep heading west towards Buffalo the middle of the lake. It is nice to get away from the rat race on land and regain my faith in the fast moving crazy world that we live in. Keep up the good work and keep those kids fishing. Nothing like the smile on the face of a child who just caught a big fish. It is absolutely PRICELESS! Tight lines! James

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