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for sale : usa Lowrance hds5 gen 2 lake insight

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So I have a question that you may or may not know. So I have a HDS-7 Generation 1 with the Platinum chip on my salmon boat. I took the same unit you are selling that came with my boat and put it on my 16 foot duck boat and got rid of the handheld Garmin GPS. So If I were to purchase your HDS-5 Could I use it without the transducer and just use it for the chart plotter and just use that for the maps, and my HDS 7 use it solely as the sonar?


If so, I am interested in purchasing the unit because I don't want to buy another transducer and power cable and move the HDS 5 back and forth. And at 4am in a blizzard out on the water the HDS 5 is an absolute lifesaver. Can't believe for 10 years I was using my army Garmin trying to navigate.


Thank you and feel free to text or call me at 315-408-8246  James

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