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Seneca Seneca South 7/10-7/11 (salmon bite)

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Got out around 730am Tuesday and fished the west side.  Didn't mark much bait/arcs in shallow so worked out deeper and across towards east side, started marking more fish and got bites off the deeper rigger.  Went 3/4 all salmon.  17incher went in the cooler, 2 dinks went back and a long distance release on another legal size silver.  All fish off rigger at 55ft on green ladderback spoon behind vertical green blades...


Made it out earlier today and it made a big difference.  On the water before 6am and was headed to the area I found fish yesterday but marked some nice bait balls and arcs right out in front of my lift so decided to setup and trolled south (east side), kept marking fish in 20-60ft with bait but no releases... made a big turn to troll back north and got my first salmon off a steely dan stinger down 30ft.  Trolling north through the same area and the bite was on.  Ended up with 12 releases and boated 8.  All legal fish from 15-21".  Of course the best fish came off after a couple awesome leaps, looked to be a 4-5lbr and I was bummed for sure.  But I had my limit on salmon and was happy with a nice 2 hrs of fishing.  Bite seemed to shut off by 830.  Orange seemed to be the color today and most fish came from the rigger at 30ft and from a cheater at approx 24ft on the deeper rigger.  One off of a fly/dodger combo with 6 colors of leadcore.   No fleas, few weeds, surface temp 72.... 





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