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This years Big Fish Friday event sponsored by Minion Fly's and Meat Rigs will be held Friday July, 26th and will remain the same as the last. You may fish from any port. This is a ONE fish tournament and can be any species Trout or Salmon. Weigh In will be held at East Fork Pro Marine.


***** Weigh ins start at 2pm and you MUST be in line no later then 3pm or you will be DQ'd!*****



1. Legacy

2. Escape

3. Piece of Work

4. Free Spirit

5. Double AA

6. Silver Fox

7. Mr. Breeze

8 Black Magic

9. Pull The Hook

10. Richmond IV

11. Scottsman II

12. Double D


14. Fishing For Fun

15. Lve Action

16.Get The Net

17. Rod Hog

18. Hocus Pocus

19. Screemin Reels
























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Big Announcement! The Sandy Creek Shootout Big Fish Friday event is sponsored by Minion Fly's and Meat Rigs!! Want to thank them for their sponsorship!!







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