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3 rivers 2 day tourney

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Katia and I represented our chapter 69 club in the chapter 16 ironman tourney this last weekend and were lucky enough to take 3rd place. Water temps were 76-77 degrees and fishing was tough after the front came thru friday morning.


Katia just got outta surgery earlier in the week and toughed it out to be my partner with 7 stitches in her neck , she's proven to be a real trooper!


First place was won by Errico and his partner casting (same guy who win the showdown), second was won on 6" Bakers by a PA team and 3rd place was on my 5" baits. Good times and happy to represent the club that means so much to me.


Good luck and best wishes to those out fishing!20190713_112130.thumb.jpeg.9f4611259c7226d3a8493cf52436ae49.jpeg20190713_155943.thumb.jpeg.4b72f448a221a2e740cbfd809db998da.jpeg20190713_100625.thumb.jpeg.11232576a44ee680d13a8b7e2b955d37.jpeg20190713_200947.thumb.jpeg.70217d01a9a62b99c6a6e47ef9912c4e.jpegScreenshot_20190715-080806_Messages.jpeg.e19e59d63c72384d4191efa5d4ccce79.jpeg20190713_100647.thumb.jpeg.b84045896f52c587a1e5864745d31f82.jpeg


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