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Morning trip started off super slow for these guys from Albany, NY. When we did get bit they weren't hooking up well. We got on them between 200-300' with wire divers out 225' pulling Familiar Bite meat. That picture died and we found them again in 325-375'. Out there 275' divers pulling FB meat was the ticket. Had a couple bites on the A-Tom-Mik Mfg. 400' copper. One took a Wonderbread Smartfish pulling a Glow Blue Hammer, and the other took a Green glow SmartFish pulling a Green Crinkle. Only two Downrigger bites this morning. Both came on a Team Dreamweaver Midnight Special down 60'.


Something cool happened today. We had a hot 2 hour period mid day. After it stopped I checked out the feeding periods for the day. The major feeding time for the day correlated perfectly with our hot 2 hour period!



Yesterday afternoon, as well as this morning, we made some great memories with the Masters family from NJ. For both boys we broke their personal best fish a few times throughout their time onboard.


Familiar Bite meat was definitely our best producer on divers anywhere from 200-275' depending on the time of day/North line. We ran Ballyhoo on one side and Atlantic Herring on the other. We're really liking their Ballyhoo strips!!! We also took a few spoon bites. Salmon Candy, UV Glow Green Alewife, Blue Lagoon, UV Two Face, and Rodfather took fish off our Cannon Downriggers, FishUSA Stealthcore (10 color), and A-Tom-Mik Mfg. coppers (300').




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