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steering trouble

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    • Octopus steering

      Has anyone ever have any problems with octopus steering with their autopilot?

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    • Info. on Auto Pilot and installation on Baystar Steering

      Looking for info. on or if anyone has Auto pilot installed on  a boat with Baystar Hydraulic Steering. Most of the auto Pilot companies tell me it can't be done unless it's on  a Seastar Hydraulic unit. Help?

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    • Help needed bleeding steering hydraulics

      I just installed a Raymarine autopilot and I have air in the lines and am looking for someone who can bleed the system. My name is Wayne and my number is 2021542. Hopefully there is someone who can help me thanks.

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    • Summer Bass - Having Trouble

      Quick Question for the more seasoned bass guys out there. What do you do to find fish in the deep summer? It seems like I CANNOT find a deep weed edge in our lakes (think Sodus or Conesus). All I find when I look for the deep edge is grass that comes up to about 5 ft down in 12 ft of water. This is where I see most guys flipping or dropshotting. The real deep break is around 17 ft and it just desolate beyond that break. Seems like I never catch anything when I fish that hard break.   

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    • FYI Hydraulic Steering

      For those with hydraulic steering, just an FYI, you don't have to pay the outrageous price SeaStar charges for their fluid. Any fluid that meets mil-spec  5606 is compatible. Ive been using snow plow fluid both Meyer and off brand for years . My current helm is bout 20 years old, never rebuilt, leak free and works perfect. The last qt I bought was about $6 not the $25 +  SeaStar  gets

      in This Old Boat

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