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Winter Tackle Storage Project

reel escape

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Well decided that carpet doesn't belong in a boat any where (gets wet and only lets mildew grow)so what little I had was removed. I started out putting down a new floor using HDPE material, started with a 4X8X1/2" sheet ($200.00) ouch,ripped some 2" strips, routed edges, drill pressed holes and installed over sleepers using SS screws so it could be removable in one piece. Of course each piece had to be custom cut we wouldn't want anything easy.Once that was done it was on to the storage shelves,same material and method with a few more tools band saw,sander and drill press. I through bolted into the side wall and installed screws that could be buried were I could,again custom cut everything with radius's and all being a boat should expect to have a challenge.But here are some photos of the finished project and it will be easier to maintain in a marine environment as the boat is in the water all season and I can get rid of of a bunch of bags which frees up the area. About $50.00 in hardware and a couple of weekends, worst part was driving to Seneca Lake where the boat is stored for the winter and driving to Geneseo where the shop is and back and forth.DSC01333.jpgDSC01334.jpgDSC01381.jpgDSC01382.jpgDSC01384.jpgDSC01388.jpg

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Damm ,now you got me thinkin.Time to start another project.

What I need is Rod storage.

I wonder if we go to 3 rods per man just how many more rods are we going to buy?

I just painted up some new spoon blanks,I could have painted over some old stuff that didnt work.

I need a place to store all the stuff I didnt try.Ive got two boxes of that.

BTW nice looking work.

Its time to go to work.

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Yankee..I knew I should of put a patent on then before I posted this :P The only problem is finding this stuff cheap,I bought the sheet 4x8x1/2" HDPE at Laird plastic as stated before $200.00. If anyone knows where to buy this stuff cheaper please chime in as there are so many uses for this material.I did use almost the entire sheet for these projects. Thanks Don..I suppose I will have to build some for you for that new boat 8)

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Rick..I believe it's the same material..I did buy what they call clear and it's pretty white but next time I will be buying pure white as you can see through it somewhat at the fastener location and if you hold it up to the light, but that's just me I'm a little on the anal side of those things. Just one last note if you do buy some where ever, make sure you check the back side as I didn't notice until I got home but there were a couple of some scraps that must of happened when they move the material around their shop.

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