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Back from my week trip to the Oak

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Just got back from a few days at the Oak and happened to have the rare day with Atlantics.  My sons holding a 8.5, 7.5, and 6.5 pound Atlantic in the same morning.  Broke off what we thought was a larger one on a Lance Two Face after catching those three in the same vicinity.  Completed the day with kings to 25 + lbs, 2 steelhead and 3 browns.  Didn't have time to run offshore to find a coho though.  


Inconsistent temps, currents and action for us during the week.  Fished 22' to 550' depending on the wind and temps.  Black green dot spinnie with rapture black hypnotist and dragon slayer with stud were the better flashers on wires out 150' - 200'.  Chrome Black Mamba with Minion Night Fury for meat on 300 copper;  Mag Kimbo, Chilly WIlly, UV green alewive, Black Plague, and Lance Two Face the better spoons off riggers, 200 copper and lead lines.  Broke off hogs on Night Fury w/ 300 copper and Dragon Slayer with Stud.  Couldn't get a Waddler to fire no matter where I ran them this trip.



67475784_10219416241946595_5622878721867251712_n - Copy.jpg


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