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All I can say , my crew sucked today . 8/16 . We had the hits , but had a hard time keeping them on . Got on water around 10:30 , fished till 7:00. Most fish came from 180-225 fow . Riggers 95 with rocket took 4 hits . Dipsey 250 and 270 took hits with flasher flies. Rigger 80 ft took 2 hits . By the way , the fleas are getting bad . Had to clear lines every half hour. Landed 5 nice kings , 2 steely’s and a water chicken.IMG_3319.JPGIMG_3321.JPGIMG_3325.JPGIMG_3327.JPGIMG_3328.JPGIMG_3329.JPGIMG_3326.JPG



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