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Cayuga Cayuga 7/20

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Nice to hit the water as first time out since the 4th.  South wind so started a little above Sheldrake and put the wind at my back for the solo trip.  Worked over deep water in the center of the lake  Steady pick of lake trout in the 20-24" size plus a few smaller ones.  Found a couple barely legal salmon which is an improvement from the skippies I've been finding over the past month.  

Green was the favored color this morning. The  majority of fish wanted spoons vs flies.  Hottest depth was 60-70 down though the 200 copper took a solid lake trout and a salmon.  80-90 feet down also produced fish.

One of the larger Lakers had a recent large lamprey mark, the first I've seen on a fish this year.  Hopefully the lampreys will continue to be a rarity.  Great morning to get out on the water!


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8 hours ago, Gill-T said:

Cool. Looks like everything in the lake has stayed stable and consistent 

Yes, and you should be able to fish it the same way for the next month with great results so a good reason to visit again!!

Somewhere around the first of September the spawning fish start to head south towards Taughannock and other inflows.

Hope your hands are healing.  Better have them 100% for Kansas.  

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