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Using 4-5 color lead core


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Hi all, this is my first time posting! (Sorry noob) with that said...

      I have been getting into lead core for landlock Atlantics. I currently only have one set up with 10 color, no backing. Usually only use 5 colors and the six just coming out of the rod tip. As i have been researching i see alot of talk about set ups with 4-5 colors and braid backing. 


 I was wondering when using 5 color set up and letting out lead plus any amount of braid, how does it affect the depth the lead goes? Dose it stay the approximate 5ft per color? How much braid do you like to let out? 


I appreciate all and any info as i look into get a couple rods set up!!


Thanks kyle

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You want all of your lead out of the reel. Doing it the way you are doing it causes damage to the core. This is a reason why you need several setups with core to be able to put your lure at or close to where the fish are. Putting out more backing after the core is out will allow your lead to sink further, but not at the same rate the lead does.

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