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We rolled into town around 4pm and managed to fish from 5-9 and had 40’+ water out of the chute to ourselves. Upon setting up in 130’ of water on the marks from last weekend, the spin doctors and flies started firing, and we also took some hits on spoons as well. No giants came to the boat, but we did manage a 23lb male. White/Mtn dew SD and olive/white flies were still top gun.


Coming through the chute around 9:45pm we saw blue lights start flashing and a boat slowly turning toward us. We hear “Have you ever been boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard?”. My reply was “No, but I think I’m going to be!”


They never boarded us, but gave a very polite and courteous safety inspection. I’d assume it went better than average because I double up on life jackets, sound devices, flares, and extinguishers etc.... The officials answered a few questions of mine, we talked for a bit, and went on our way.


Side note and FYI - I never carried an anchor on my boat before (on Ontario) until someone on this forum said it was USCG required. So I threw in a 20lb anchor with 300’ of line attached . The four officers that night said an anchor was NOT required, and they never heard of it before. I think I’ll still keep it on!


Sunday was a blow out for my boat, so we hit Seneca on the way home and were disappointed as always. IMG_9839.JPG



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As with an auxillary trolling motor an anchor can save your butt in an emergency when your main motor dies instead of drifting hopelessly across the pond:smile:

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