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my rig

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Nice rig Justin!

Hey Chad....maybe you should put a section on this site to post pictures of your rig? It's a good way for guys to pick up Ideas on how to set up their boat, don't ya think? I know I scoured the web and the GLA site looking at pics before rigging mine. What do ya think?

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Nice ride

I have a 2004 1802 with the 115 4 stroke motor and I love this boat, it tows great and rides nice even in fairly rough water ( alot better than my 16" alumnium LOL ).

The 115 trolls great for salmon , trout and (N. pike& Bass) I have not had to put the trolling bags in the water yet. I dont know about those walleyes, you probably have to slow it down for those tasty fish. I am realy happy with gas consumption, it is a cheap day of fishing as long as I keep my cruising speed near 20 mph and with a 4 man crew and gear it will go 35 mph when I need it. Your boat looks set up real nice where do you put in? I launch at Sandy Creek North of Brockport NY.

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Thanks everyone! I always wanted a Trophy. My fifst time trolling (when I was 16) I saw one and knew it was my boat. I got this one when I was 26, Iam 29 now. I love it! It could be bigger but you know how that goes. We usually fish out of Oswego and Sampson on Seneca. I do use a kicker sometime. I have a Merc 9.9 4 stroke that helps on some days. Usually we dont bother with it. I always put out the drift bags tho. Its good to keep the rpm's up some, you get more water flow and higher oil preassure which cant be a bad thing. The bags also give us a better ride when we are trolling in 3-4 footers. As far as setting up the boat it all fell into place. If anyone has a question or any idaes on how they set up their Trophy cantact me. Ive worked on a few of them in the past.

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