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Saw on Instagram ... GIANT King

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In 2001 16 of the top 20 places in the fall LOC were over 40 lbs. Would love to see more of these big ones around.



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Klompmaker boys took the youngest brother Cam out for a  Birthday fish with us on Our Compromise. They are all over 6,4 tall boys  . Cam got his wish,  that was a perfect 35.0 pounder late in September. Was weighed in on Port Hope scales. Nothing like it, when 410 feet of torpedo wire goes off. Good Times


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Live to Learn  and Bless the rods said Jimmy  Munroe from Peterborough  Ontario. Sixpense was his boat, He got us Hooked on the big ones and we never forgot. Study the weather wind and the waves. Temperatures and speed mean every thing. The cables will sing like angels. Time of  year also dictates. When are the fish the biggest?? 

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So True, many times we were so  close, to be posted  on the top ten board. But just missed by a few ounces.  Then one day, 24 hours after the  derby, the biggest for the week winner  was 34.10 and we got the big 35 .0. Yep that s fishing. Like a lottery ticket. But way more fun fishing!!!:-D

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