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26 minutes ago, rod hog said:

fished Friday from 6am to 1pm 100ft to 140ft was best. white on white 11in flasher with meat had three bite early then nothing on cut bait.  rigger set at 78ft temp was 48. mag spoons green glow pro king and diehard stingray set at 52ft and 62ft. divers at 180 and 275 with pro king green glow and mag stinger lazer spook. 300 cooper with a mag DW gator took 3 hits and biggest of the day 24lbs. we had 18 bites 17 kings from 17 to 24lbs and 1 steelhead.


sat. 7/27 we left the dock at 330pm fished to 7pm had my neighbor and her boyfriend with my wife and I.1st king was 5lbs 50ft on rigger green glow pro king mag.next king around 20ish also on the pro king mag .a 22lb was next same pro king 60ft down.  a spin doctor gold 42 second with a green glow fly set at 80ft was next  and a rigger set at 60ft with pro king mag went off  at the same time my neighbors are hooked up with big guys, 5 minutes into the fight a brown hit and then the diver set at 180ft went off. we landed all 4 my neighbors had pair of matching 25lbs I landed the brown and the last king about 18lbs on a green glow pro king mag.I wanted to set back up my neighbors said they were done. 6 fish for the night we fish 70ft to 120ft, slow troll 2.0 to 2.2 at the probe. the pro king and die hard uv have been our best spoons the last few seasons 



A QUAD !!!! That mustve been complete mayhem.  Hilarious.   Nice job thx for the report.

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