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Mercruiser engine replacement help

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I want to replace the 1985 Mercruiser 228  Alpha One engine in my 1985 Cruisers Baron 222.  What are my options for replacement engines?    I don't care if it is a v6 or v8,  I just would like to know all the options I have so I can find the best value motor for my money when i search online.  Many thanks!


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After looking at the picture [ and its surroundings ] , my first suggestion would be to pull the engine and check the stringers for rot. Check where the engine mounts are attached to the stringers to verify you have dry , solid wood.  I would check the transom itself as it looks like you have a outdrive and the factory does a lousy job of sealing them from day one. More rot and headaches $$$ I would put money down that you have rot going on in a crtical area and putting any money into that hull is not worth the time or effort unless you  want to tackle a project, For what a semi decent used boat cost vs replacing the engine you would be better of buying another boat. .... You have a standard chevy 350 block which can be rebuilt by a engine shop for 3500 , the same price as a better taken care of boat with same drive system, which if you went that way you could possibly have a spare outdrive in case you ever needed it.

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