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Cayuga Cayuga 7-28

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Have not fished in a month.Went out of Meyers around 5:30 this afternoon after the storm passed.Got out over deep water . 1st rod fired before I could get the 2nd rod down.Took quite awhile to get six rods down . Just a steady pick till we pulled them around 7:30. Quality lakers .just the perfect fish for my amateur crew members. All colors ,everywhere.

I did not see any seafleas,but I run 50lb test ande line. I did see a few lamprey scars but no lamprey. I seen a lot of weeds more to the east side.Marked lots of huge bait pods with fish around them. Color or presentation did not seem to matter.  The Cayuga megabite continues....

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The silvers are harder than normal to come by this year. The south end is FULL of short landlocks as well which makes targeting decent silvers a bit harder. Just when everything is running right almost every rod will fire with landlocks 17" and under. Had to grind from 545 til 1030 sunday to catch a brown and a landlock that were legal. Caught lakers in the mix but definitely a challenge. Can't help but think it could have something to do with the "off" color of the water aswell. Had a decent spring with some quality silvers buy it's been tricky since the lake colored up after the heavy rains in June. Hopefully it gets better from here on out!

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Agreed with the tough conditions for catching the silvers. Or BT spot was loaded with surfacing and jumping browns in the early am. Even had a couple in our spread jump. Didn't budge a rod though. Managed to land three nice Lakers for our FLTA event and had a great day with my wife n sister on board.. looking forward to the Margeit on the tenth! 


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