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Finally got out - Hughes

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This year has been tough for me - every weekend either threatening rain, too windy or some other commitment. I promised myself I was getting out a lot. So here it is July 27th and I've been out 4X so far this year including Seneca & Canandaigua derbies. Family is visiting this weekend but kings are silver and hungry and, damn it, I'm going. Got the boat out of the barn Thursday night & topped off the batteries and checked air in the tires. Got it out Saturday morning and 1 trailer tire flat, WTF. Jack it up, blow it up and no visible leaks. Go gas up boat & truck, come back home and tire is holding air. Get a phone call asking for a favor so I help them out. My lab and I get to Hughes promptly at 10:30 and luckily someone is just leaving so I get a prime (maybe the only) parking spot left. One of the two gentleman on that boat helped me launch - thank you very much - and at 11:00 I had my first hit on my second rigger down at 95' out, a mid teen king on a black spoon, half hour later I got a skippy on a cheater and the dipsy at 230' fired but it got off. Fished till 3:15 getting a pair of hits and drops every time I changed lures. Fussing with the dog when 1 rigger fires and I have a bulldog on the 85' rigger, fighting him for a few minutes when the other rigger intercepted a missile, I stayed with the first one, got him netted and dropped in cooler, then on to number 2 who was way back and reasonably docile by then, first attempt with the net and I got a hook barb in net, luckily I got under him quickly and pulled him in. Was able to revive and release him. Me, I'm soaked in sweat with a shyt eating grin on my face. Made it home by 5:15 for dinner with the family - GREAT SOLO TRIP.

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