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4 hours ago, Ric66 said:

Wife never liked Lake Trout till I started bleeding the fish. Makes a huge difference.


We bleed ours, too. Learned the trick from Striper fishing. While most of the filets are orange, some come out very pale, almost white. 


Even when we didn’t bleed them out, though, I don’t understand the disdain for lakers. 

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Lake trout have always been known as a good eating fish so not sure why either. Maybe it depends on where the lake trout are coming out of.

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47 minutes ago, tuffishooker said:

How do you bleed Lake Trout ? If I take a fish it is dispatched [ killed ] gutted ASAP , not much blood left  ! 

I don’t gut immediately. I clip the v under the mouth where the gills come together. Then they go on ice. 

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Same way I do Salmon. Folks eat them like candy.

Smaller Lake Trout can be fantastic
4cups brown sugar, 1 cup coarse salt, dry rub, let sit 24-48hrs, depending thickness and if skin is off or on. rinse dry for 12-24hrs in fridge, smoke for 3-5hrs with 2 batches of chips, if using propane smoker

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