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Oak Orchard 7/31-8/2

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Great trip to the oak so far! Started Wednesday evening in 100ft straight out Went out to 200 picked up 2 nice kings and a steelie, missed 3. 80ft spinny with a cheater up 15 and 60ft spinny w/ a cheater up 15 were most productive all three days.

Thursday, 8 nice fish, 10 colors and the riggers did the work DW 2 face spoons and flashers with stud flys. The water got pretty squirrelly in the late morning and my boy and buddy started chumming for us, but stuck it out. Great day!

Friday, got a late start but ended up putting five nice fish in the box and threw some dinks back. Dipsy took 3 today. Fleas are pretty bad...one more day left!!!! A huge thank you to the captain and crew of Shotgun, we were dead on the water and they towed us from about 3 miles out, a spark plug wiggled itself loose and lost power. Good to go now though. 20190731_202036.jpg20190731_203450.jpg20190731_213151.jpg20190801_073447.jpg20190801_173038.jpg20190801_203712.jpg20190801_205128.jpg20190802_073000.jpg20190802_074737.jpg20190802_205234.jpg20190802_150755.jpg


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