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Li’l Bit at the Oak 8/1-8/3

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Bought our fishing licenses on Wednesday afternoon only to find out Thursday that licenses wouldn’t be needed starting Friday. Oh well.

We fished 100-150 fow right out front on Thursday am and caught 5 fish on five different presentations. Meat on our probe rigger, two different spin dr fly combos and two different spoons all caught. IMG_2576.JPGIMG_2593.JPG

We fished east from 100-400 fow on Friday and had a slow go of it. Lost a couple early and didn’t land a fish unit around noon.

Things picked up and we finished with three kings and two steelhead. Fish came on meat behind a 300 copper, orange

Spoon pulled by a 10 color, spin dr fly, but the setup firing most was a

Gold 42nd spoon down 90. IMG_2596.JPG

Saturday was definitely our best day as we fished west of port near the 27 line. Fish were taken on gold nbk on a 300 copper, meat on a wire diver, the same 10 color,

But once again the best was a gold 42nd spoon fished deep. Finished the morning with 8 kings and one steelhead. Biggest were 24 and 20 pounds. IMG_2619.JPG



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