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Releases for braid

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I am having some issues keeping braid in my current clips.


I just put Sufix 50# braid for backing on my copper and leadcore setups for chasing kings. Normally I don’t need the extra line in the finger lakes, so it’s never been an issue. I’m currently using Laurvick clips and Scotty mini’s on my planer lines. The braid will not stay in these for more than a few minutes no matter how deep into the clip I set them up.


Can anyone offer some insight on different clips to hold the thinner braid? These clips work great for mono backing, but didn’t have the same luck with braid.


I’m going to venture a guess and say the regular (non-mini) sized Scotty clips are what I’m going to need. At $10 a pop I wanted to make sure it’s what I need before I spend that kind of money on releases.



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That's what I use. The orange plastic releases, as well as most releases on an online board don't work well with braid. I did tie in a section of heavy mono on one rod, and it works great too.

a rubber band and a shower curtain ring work great...

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Rubber bands will work well in any of them if the correct breaking strength/size is selected and they work regardless of line type The right small ones can even be reeled up on most reels without problems and taken off afterward.

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