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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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Anyone want to start a class action lawsuit against Buckbomb?  Their poorly designed pee valve tops give me buckbomb finger when they lock down in use and then pop off when you try to pull the tab back up hosing the user with a lovely mist. 

I thought you were supposed to arrow it from the stand when you got all set???

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On 10/30/2019 at 9:40 AM, Gill-T said:

Gary please tell me you are not part of the deer drive hunters that walk thru brush blowing crow calls in Alabama?

No. I hunt alone until my buddy comes from Idaho after Thanksgiving. Then we hunt PA and NY rifle. I still hunt, or stand as conditions allow.

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I had a tick sucking at my waistline a week ago, after running with the dogs at Oatka Park. Tweezers and a quick dose of Doxycycline. I think I got it off within a couple of hours, so Lyme is not a real concern. But there are other diseases that can spread with only 20 minutes of exposure. Scary. Check yourself every time you are out. Although I've never found one on me hunting west of Rochester, I still check.


After three days of hunting hard, I can say with some confidence that there are bucks chasing AND bucks in lockdown. Yesterday morning, I saw a series of progressively larger bucks dogging a doe, while a button buck trailed behind. It was either a family member or taking lessons :wink:. It started with a steady parade of bucks under my stand, and every time a new buck showed up, he'd either join the party or get run off. It ended with a large eight, who would have been a shooter but for damage/accident screwing up his left side, leaving with the doe for the swamp never to be seen again.


I also observed a very large nine tending a doe just behind a leftover hay bale on the edge of a hidden field. That same nine appeared to be chasing earlier in the day as it ran a doe past Brian. 


And yesterday morning, while I was watching the circus, Brian sat 300 yards away twiddling his thumbs. Feast or famine. 


I'd be hunting all week if I didn't have meetings and teaching lined up for the next three days. Friday looks good, and with the first fresh snow in the forecast, magic rut or not, it will be a great time to be in the woods. But when isn't?




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Watched this guy slowly following and browsing with a big doe yesterday and thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest until he got 20 yards out and broadside giving me an easy shot with the crossbow. First big boy I have seen since Saturday when my season started. Now time for the big doe after a couple days of rest. Got him in 8G in Clarendon and will be getting a European mount done. Long time lurker and been enjoying everyone's reports and pictures. Lots of nice deer taken this year and congrats and good luck to all:yes:





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I scrapped my plans to head to the lease this morning and decided to hunt around the house to see if I could put eyes on whatever moved in this week and made some big rubs. Well he came into 15 yards and needed to take 2 steps to be in my lane, but he caught my wind and off he went. Big wide mature buck all by himself.

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34 minutes ago, HOLY DIVER said:





Congrats on the buck , but im even more impressed that you got a four wheeler and a buck in a minivan now that's skill ! 

I was thinking the same thing.  Mind telling us how you get the 4 wheeler loaded?

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