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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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9 hours ago, Tomb said:

Great Buck!!   I was going to make a similar comment around the 4 wheeler...   Would live to hear how you get it in the van...   winch?

Would love to SEE how he gets it in the van ....where there's a will there's a way? Congrats on a really nice buck!

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November 5 pm

46 degrees

SW wind 5-15 becoming calm

Mostly cloudy


Had a visit from a young buck fairly early and then crickets.

Pretty quiet sit until about 440 and then deer started to come out of the wood work. Including a 3.5 year old 8pt who came directly in after I did some blind calling with my grunt tube. He must have been 50 yards or less when I began to call and was at the base of my tree in seconds. No chance at a shot because he came to my right side.

Overall lots of deer seen including a bunch of does and fawns feeding in the field along with three cruising bucks.





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I am going to need some positive vibes sent my way. I sent an arrow tonight. At the same time the arrow left the bow, the buck that was busy tasting golden rod heads for doe in heat smells, leaned his head back to taste a head to his side placing his neck over his vitals. I believe the arrow went thru his throat patch. First blood looks great and the arrow is still in him. Not sure of hit, I backed out. No threat of rain right now. Going back in two hours. 

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Hunted from sun up until 2:30 when I had to leave for other obligations. Had chasing around me most of the morning. All young bucks chasing yearling does. No mature does to be found all morning as opposed to Sunday when they were everywhere. I saw one mature doe in a dead run after the rain started but nothing trailing her. Had a 100" 8 come through around noon but no big guys. I agree the lockdown is on for now. I think I am out of the woods until Saturday unfortunately. Good luck to everyone, and congrats to all who already harvested.

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Thought I had to drive to North Carolina on business tomorrow. Ugh
Good news is I don’t. Off till Monday.
Can’t wait for the morning.
Good luck all.

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5 hours ago, Gill-T said:

Better pic. Looks like 3.5 yrs old. Just past the ears. Slick 8. Came to grunt call. I needed the practice as I am off to Kansas on Thursday. 





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