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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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Eliminate deer drives

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Idk. I love a good old fashioned drive. Keep it slow, wind bump and get em on their feet.

Truth be told, I do that late season and on spots I don't put any effort into throughout the year. Mainly farms where the farmers just want the deer killed. It's an effective and productive method. If it was banned, I wouldn't cry though.
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2019 Recap for me. I really am a better fisherman than hunter, and for the last 8 years I have hunted about once or twice a year (opening weekend of shotgun). I have gotten lucky on many of those opening days putting 1 or 2 does in the freezer almost every year.
Anyway, I usually chase steelhead and browns in the tribs from September to May.
This year, I decided I want to dive back into hunting. After the kings wrapped up on the piers for me, I grabbed my bow and shot it for the first time in 8 years. 2011 was my first year bow hunting, and I was able to take a nice doe that year with it. So the 10, 20, and 30 yard pin were still spot on. I really want to take a mature wall hanger buck, and I’m not going to settle for a small buck.
Got in the woods for the first sit of my season the second week of October. Had a nice doe work by at 50 yards about a half hour into the sit, and just watching that deer work through made me regret not bow hunting the last 8 years. There is really nothing like it. Awhile later I watch a few doe come out into the far side of the field, and out follows a monster buck. That was the first time I had seen a big buck while on stand. Anyway, they worked back into the woods and were gone. Just before last light, I had a nice mature doe come by at 15 yards broadside, and let it fly. The deer spooked and then just walked away. I had completely missed 🤦🏻‍♂️. I was right on her, so I really didn’t know what happened.
A few days later, same thing, doe at 18 yards and missed again and I was right on her. I had shot right over her back.
Well my inexperience in bow hunting led to these misses. I didn’t realize that anything closer than 20 yards, you have to aim lower because of the angle from the tree stand.
After I figured that out, I practice from a stand and had it dialed in. Well, the rest of my bow season every deer I saw was 5 to 10 yards out of my shooting range at 35 to 40 yards, or were small bucks that I could have shot, but that wasn’t what I was after. I had a couple really awesome encounters with shooter bucks just out of shooting range.
The spot I hunted this year was bow only, so I hunted undisturbed deer all season long. The most deer I have seen in a season has been like 8 lol so seeing over 100 deer this season was a treat for me.
I ended up taking a smaller doe with my new shotgun the third day of shotgun with my new savage 220 (gun is awesome) at another property I have permission on. So I had some meat in the freezer.
Hunted my bow only location the rest of the season with many more close encounters, but no shots taken. Sunday was my last sit. Right before last shooting light, I had a doe come in to 35 yards broadside, and let it fly. Looked like a good a hit. Waited and hour and 45 minutes before I started to track. I could find the arrow, so I figured it still had to be stuck in the deer. Sure enough, halfway through the track I found my arrow covered in blood. Continued to follow the blood that lead me into some swampy area. With the snow falling and a crappy flashlight, I decided to back out and go back out to look Monday morning. Well Monday morning came, and after it hit that swampy area, I still couldn’t find blood even with the light. I grid searched everything for 6 hours. The end of my 2019 season left me feeling horrible as I had never shot a deer that I couldn’t find. It sucks to know I have an injured deer out there somewhere, likely dead. It was a disappointment for me. But I have learned so much this year, and really enjoyed every opportunity I had in the tree this year. I got out over 30 times, while most were short sits before work, but had to get out when I could. All in all, it was a good learning year for me, and I can’t wait for next season. Congrats to everyone who scored this year. I really enjoyed the thread. Time to dust the float fishing gear off. Adjustments.JPGIMG_2265.JPG

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Gun season kicks bow seasons ass. 

Bow hunters kick gun hunters ass.

Unfortunately, gun season brings the worst hunters into the woods. Which makes it almost unbearable.


Therefore i have to love bow hunting.

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7 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

How old do you think he was now that you got to examine him in person?

 he was only 2.5.   that pic makes him look bigger if i had to put a score on him id guess 115 plus or minus inch or two 

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