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Q about wind & shorebound please

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Gotta question bout wind, waves & water clarity please.

Im visiting Rochester NY on Lake Ontario. Fished on a river inlet & caught some perch, white bass, rock bass etc. 

Conditions were warm, clear & calm water.

Last night wind changed. Now it’s 13 MPH outta NW. we’ve got 1.8 - 2’ waves & a noticeable clear / dirty water line. Water temp on beach dropped. 

My question is how can I expect that to impact fishing? I’m guessing it’ll put perch off & or deeper on up into river? How about walleye? Also, might the cooler water bring trout or salmon within casting range?

Im heading out to same area at dawn tomorrow. 

Wondering what I can expect, how I should approach& bait / rig up?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

PMs welcomed.

Thanks in advance!


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