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Rookie here.  So I stopped in the local shop to buy meat last Saturday evening and saw a stack of these on the wall in the DW section.  Laughed to myself a little and figured, I mean, I have to grab one or two.  Why the hell not.  We went out Sunday AM with the NOAA report of waves "around 2 feet" and dropped a few lines when we hit 200 fow.  Figured we'd troll out deeper, look for temp, then get set up.  We lasted maybe an hour tops before we turned to troll back into the waves, then we immediately called it, pulled lines, and crawled back in.  We did manage to hook up once on a diver on 2 out 200.  Handed the rod to my nephew who did a nice job staying on his feet and getting it to the boat so we could net it.  Guess which spoon fired.


Edit:  So you know, I stopped on my way home and grabbed the other two off the shelf.


casey salmon 2.jpg

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17 minutes ago, Lucky13 said:

Wow, that fish is pretty colored up for early August!


It had some color.  But it was definitely not as dark as it looks in the picture.  Maybe it was the shade, ...but when a 16 year old texts you a picture, it is safe to assume they used some instagram filter, so they look cooler.

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