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Need help with fishing shirts


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Hey guys, I could use some advice on choosing and designing a team shirt(s) for our fishing team. I'm kinda stuck on what to do with the design? We fish pretty many events, so I think we want to get some nice shirts done. Whatcha think....any cool Ideas? Shirt type (Bahama style, Tee, Etc.) ?? I also wanna avoid getting the same color as other teams, If I can at all help It. I'm leaning toward a bahama shirt In fossil as the color, which Is a light grayish color. Maybe some tee's also for when we're fishing.I don't know what the other guys think though? Here Is what I have to work with:

Our new logo (I loved the old one, but It was a little silly). These are the best pics I've got. I have It on the front of the boat and It reads "Team Lucky Enuff" and I also have It on the sides toward the transom and It reads "Take A Kid Fishing" Any thoughts on wording for the shirt? Also, do most teams put Individual names on the shirt?




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Thanks guys, I'd really appreciate your opinions. I definitely want to get It right so help out a brother here ;)

Hey Rod, its Dan from team brillyant, ill get the place we use and pm you! Keep it simple yet funny! its gettin too serious at the pro ams! Lets have fun and dont forget the cocktails after!

Dan...I really agree with you. I'm not one to want to "appear" to be overly serious. That's just not me. Then again, I prefer people laugh with me, not at me :lol: I think the guys want something a lil nicer than last years shirts. Last year I had the shirts made up myself and suprised everyone with them at Niagara. Since I designed them, they were meant to be kinda silly, but I think I may have taken It a little to far!! I was never really sure anyone liked them? I think the guys said they liked them, knowing It was a long swim In to shore. You may remember them...They're kinda goofy but I like them!

Last year's shirts:






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heres a link for you: http://www.customink.com/indexb.html

ive been using this company for about 4 years now. ive had them do shirts and stuff for my construction company and for the charter biz too.

their website is fully interactive (so youll never have to leave the desk to place your order). they offer a wide variety of products and brands.

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