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Soft Maple and Moshier Reservoir

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Heading up to Moshier Reservoir this weekend to do some camping.  Has anybody heard of any tigers coming out of here recently/ever ? Spoke with Dick McDonald from Region 6 DEC today regarding Moshier. He mentioned they don't do well with any sampling types for tigers in there but that seems par for the species. We talked a bit about fluctuating water levels due to dam activity possibly interrupting baitfish spawning and thus forage abundance. I believe the last stocking was 2012 so if we do get any takers they should be a dandy :smile:

Just curious if anyone fishes it.


If it appears a strikeout is inevitable at Moshier, we may take a zip trip over to soft maple to view the scenery and see if we can get lucky.  


It's interesting how little information there is available online about these bodies of water. 


Here is a recent Onondaga tiger caught once temps got down a bit. 75 midday this past weekend


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Nice tiger! I used to whitewater kayak the beaver river up there and tried a few times on the lake above the dam from borrowed canoes since I never brought serious gear with me on kayaking trips but struck out myself . Never gave it the attempt it deserves. Good luck and I know there's plenty of small mouths to keep ya busy if the tigers dont cooperate.

I used to ask the locals about tigers but didnt seem they get much interest from the folks I spoke with.


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I watched some of the beaver river white water kayaking vids on YouTube while researching...that looks awesomely intense. I would like to do that some day


Per fishing we heard from a few sources that "they are in there" but our luck was no better than yours for the few tigers that remain. If returning I would put more time in up by the dam coming from Stillwater.  The weather was pretty unsettled. It rained on two occasions each day, this didn't seem to affect the smallies which are plentiful.  The water level was low due to an unscheduled dam maintenance which may have had the fish a little off. 


Overall it was a great trip. It's relatively close to home and the serenity is unbeatable since it's hand launch only. Over the course of four days we saw two canoes from our island site. It's a shame they no longer stock it because I would love to put the time in to learn such a beauty of a water body

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