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Cayuga Flasher Fly - Cayuga advice

Dan M

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Hey all - plan to hit Cayuga next week sometime - just started trolling with dipsys - hooked into 4 on Canadaguia today - finally broke our skunk!

Anyhow, I have spoons already - as I said new to trolling - flasher / flies - any suggestions on what to bring to Cayuga? Salmon would be fun or lakers, or really anything - would be running them behind dipsys.

Something I could pick up at field and stream would be great - I don't know all the trolling lingo - so links or pics would be great. Thanks!

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28 minutes ago, Reel Doc said:

Behind a dipsey try a Dreamweaver spin doctor attractor in white or green/white pattern and pair it with A-tom-ick flies in green/white patterns.  That will set you up to catch lake trout.

What size dreamweaver? 6”, 8”?

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You can use them Don but they are a different action. Sometimes it pays to try them you have tyo let the fish tell you what they want sometimes so it pays to experiment using spin docs, flashers, or dodgers even changing sizes of them. On the Fingers I also sometimes run Lake Clear Wabblers or Fish Flashers with small spoons  or sticks behind them which can work well on rainbows and salmon for an even different action.



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We fished it from 6am to 2pm. Got one on a green / white fly, lost one on a michigan stinger. Other than that - no action what so ever. So tons of bait heading south from the launch hovering around 30-50' but couldn't get anything to produce. Speed ranged from 2.2 - 2.8.

Not sure what FOW I was even supposed to be trolling at so I tried pretty much everything. Both bites were at about 170 FOW and 50' down on the dipsy.

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9 hours ago, Smat64 said:

Love the lake clears. Do you run them over 1.2mph and full spin? I have always let them flutter around 1mph

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On the Fingers I run them even up to 2.6 or so as attractors for erratic action. They can also be used as spoons by themselves by adding hooks and will work on Lake O or the Fingers used that way.

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