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Lot 1 - SOLD

SIX Jake 45 Spoons (New In Package)  $30 to your door (lower 48)

The same size and shape of the Sutton 44 and is stamped in traditional-weight brass rather than spring brass (like the Sutton).  It is 3 inches and 1/3-ounce.  These are pre-Breck Company.









Lot 2 - SOLD

SEVEN spoons (left to right:  Great Lakes Jewel [glows blue], Needle Nose [glows green], Great Lakes Jewel, Great Lakes Jewel, Great Lakes Jewel, Needle Nose, Needle Nose).  These are all NEW but out of package.  $35 to your door (lower 48)

All are 4-1/2":  these are also pre-Breck Inc.





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Ill take Lot 1 if the other deal falls through please.


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Sold to jereed44 pending payment.


If sale falls through, Silver Fox is next in line for Lot 1

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