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Sonnys fishing center in pulaski

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We have done a lot of work this year to change this place around and everyone knows this place never had anything other then bass supplies also it has been in  many hands.... well we are here to stay.... we also have done a total remodel and added many supplies for your needs as in lake supplies,river supplies and we will be open all year long and have total new inventory of ice fishing supplies and of course the smoke house and fish filleting and lodging we have worked very hard and hope to see your faces at least come check it out and thank you for all that have come in and helped us get to where we are today 

but we have lake,river,bass,bait(worms,cut bait,whole bait,no minnows at moment),lodging(if you stay with us all fish cleaned free only pay for smoking fish),fish cleaning is open,smoking fish,Rv,and camping,firewood ,propane ,swimming floats and if we don’t got it I’ll order it for you....down to boat parts(order only none in store) 

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