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Lake flipped

You want kings , go find stable water 


Went out to 300 and headed north 


Nothing for our efforts but one small salmon and 2 knock offs 


Hit 520 and got a,double of matures 

Wound up 6 fish . 5 salmon and a steelhead and about  5   more hits 


Dare I say , Gary D rig and spoon bite . 


Got 50deg   70  ft down out there 


Radar said storms so we headed back in   and it was the smart call


Was,pretty choppy 11 miles out. 

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IMG_5345.JPGhad a pink DW SS parked at 50 and this King took off with it when we hit 400fow. Lil over 26lbs. We also Bailed out when we saw the wall of Rage coming from the west

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Back at it this morning first light 


Ran out to 330 headed north . 


Did not take long till mature hits 


Got rods back out ,again  another . 


Crazy current pushes us off our spot fast.  Was hard to get speed right and keep it consistent . 




2 more hit and weather rolls in and we high tail it which kind of sucks . 


Painted hot spot I call Mr Jeremy Fisher and my Gary D rig took all shots 35 ft down . 

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