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Straight Slam Fest Today! This bachelor party from Erie, PA punched 6 tickets with us this morning while we generated over 30 bites for them! East wind over the last few days flipped the lake and forced us offshore where the more stable waters were.


Our Cannon Downriggers were firing at 40, 50, & 60'. All had sliding cheaters on them. Spoons that went consistently were Salmon Candy, Shelly Snack, and NBK. 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore pulled a Team Dreamweaver Hot Tip NBK SS, and 200' of A-Tom-Mik Mfg. copper pulled a Geezer. We took a few shots on a 300' copper with Familiar Bite Atlantic Herring, but we never landed any of those fish. Our divers were quiet this morning, but when they did go they were out 125' on a 2.5 setting.




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I took my friend on a charter last year for his bachelor party. Since he is my main hunting and fishing partner it was in my best interest to make sure he didnt go to the strip club. His wife already gives us enough hastle for staying out all night fishing and hunting.....but she lets him go out all night ONLY if he is with me. 

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19 minutes ago, charb said:

looks like the fish are playing in warmer water they are dark-a-ning up..


Lets be honest. It's almost the end of August. We generally start to see some transition early August and by the end of the month most are more than half way converted. Heck, some Salmon have already ran the Salmon River. 

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