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Oswego 8/16 - 8/18

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Well it wasn't hot and heavy but I was able put 9 in the box for four times out, biggest was around 25lbs.   All my fish came out in front of the plant in 140-150 FOW.  And all on meat and spoons.  6 on meat and 3 on spoons. 8 out of 9 on the riggers.  I ran some flasher flies but they wanted nothing to do with them.  All three days I could not figure out if it was a meat bite or spoon bite. Got as many hits on spoons as the meat which I thought was weird. 2.4 at the ball was my best speed.  


Not many marks out there but more consistent marks in the 140 FOW.  Very cold water.  I was getting 42 degrees down 60 on my rigger.   With the cold water there were plenty of shakers to ruin your spread if your not checking your riggers. 


May be back next weekend.  

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