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Cayuga New Fishing Buddy

Reel Doc

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Yesterday afternoon the storm cells split North and South of Dean's so once the radar cleared I hit the water with my new fishing partner.

At 7 weeks old I wasn't sure how it would go but she's completely unfazed being on the water.  Even took her first swim once we landed and loaded out the boat.

Ran lines from Sheldrake running North in the middle.  Had a fun battle with a good legal salmon hitting a super slim glow frog on a rigger down 60 .

A few skippies then some Lakers on flasher/fly off a dipsey and a final over 26" on a bloody death down 90.

A fun and busy couple hours on the water!





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My wife and I had a great Golden Retriever BC, (before children!), then as our hobby sheep farm grew and needed coyote protection we had Great Pyrenees who have been wonderful dogs but not house pet/companions.  Now the kids are leaving the nest for college, (1 HS senior left) and the 2 Pyrenees are 11 and just guarding a few chickens in the barn so a great time to add a new friend for on land and water!!

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