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Skeaneatles boat launch

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Like I said off the same town road is a restaurant on the lake. They used to allow launching for a fee. I haven't been up the channel this year but used to go up it in a aluminum center console. I just would keep your out board trimmed up. Usally it was around 3 ft deep for the most part

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hey guys wondering where's the best place to launch on Skeaneatles 
i see there's a state launch on the northern end was hoping to find something on the south end
i'll be launching a 19' deep v aluminum 

Launch at the glen haven restaurant or seveys marina.

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The town park can be a little hairy if the lake is low, depends on your boats draught and if you have tilt/trim. Seveys is at the bottom of a very long, windy, and exceedingly STEEP hill. I can't reccomend. Glenhaven restraunt has expanded their slips and redid the launch. It is $10 according to their website.


Like most launches on Skan it can fill up fast. Best to get there early and not chance it.

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