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Who makes these spoons?

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Two of the spoons 3rd one from the left in both top and bottom rows are old R&R spoons I believe they are in alewife series. I fish them often on sliders off the riggers and do good w/ them. My best color is pink and white w/ a glow back.


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I see a couple that look like O & M's and I believe I see at least one T-spoon. The guy that was making the T-spoons got very ill and I don't think he ever started production back up and the O&M's used to have a websight. I got quite a few of both brands and they were both excellent spoons in the finger lakes. I haven't fished the Finger Lakes in

a good number of years now but still got a couple boxes of the spoons.

The websight was omlures.com


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None of those lures is a "Keuka Wobbler". It is a "look alike", but not an actual "Keuka Wobbler". Keuka wobbler was originally Produced by Charles Kausch of Bath Ny. A jeweler who became famous for his lures. Charles Kausch was a fishing partner of Seth Green (father of the Seth Green rig) and produced lures out of the back of his jewelry store. Kausch lures was later purchased by "Great Lakes Lure co" of Elmira NY.  One of Kasuch's most famous lures was the Silver Soldier. Coined from sterling silver. All his lures have become collectible, but not nearly as collectible as the Infamous Silver soldier.  Great Lakes Lure Co. has spent a lot of money to duplicate all the Kausch dies, in order to shelve the originals and is in the process of starting back up. We will be making the "Keuka Wobbler" and the "Silver Soldier", as well as our "Oakie Doakie". 


Thank you,

Jason Oakes

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I dont know if your interested or not but the gentleman who has the rest of the O&M Lures will be at the Watkins glen show this weekend and will have what he has left for sale..


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