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Fished the FHC today with friends from camp. We were greeted with solid 3-5 foot waves as we cleared the chute this morning. That quickly changed my game plan of running offshore. With a huge pack of boat to the East I decided to run a touch west and work the inside waters. I set down in 85 feet and ran a simple 5 rod spread consisting of 2 riggers, 2 dipsies, and a chute copper.


Screen was solid in 100-120 FOW and it didn’t take long before we moved some rods. It turned into a slow grind for the rest of the day as the fish were just plain stubborn. We averaged one fish every 45 minutes to an hour. Our first 4 fish were all meat fish and then things went silent. I changed out the meat for flys and we started moving rods again. With 5 decent fish in our box we needed one more 20+ to add if we were going to be in contention. At 12:45 I started to pick up lines and while bringing in the copper our Port side dipsy fires and knew it was a solid fish. Once we scooped into the net I felt confident we had a decent box of 6 fish to make a good showing.


We ended up in 6th place out of 59 teams with a little over 119 pounds.


Tom Allen and Stephanie took the win with just over a 131 pound box





‘Bout Time





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Great job! Way to grind it out. Inside this time of year always produces regardless of what it looks like.

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