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Yankee weekend at the Oak 8/24-8/25

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24th - Fished the last double of the season today. In the morning we had a group of Walleye captains from Ohio, and on the afternoon trip we had Dave and his son from the Albany area. Landing ratio wasn't good in the morning. We cleaned 9, tossed a couple back, and dropped as many.. On the afternoon trip we landed 11.


Best screen was 26-28N. We caught mostly 1 and 2 year old fish (Skippy to 15lbs). Our deep meat rigs were our best program on both charters. The new Crush Butcher pulling Pacific Herring from Familiar Bite was our best paddle. Spoons that went today were Shelly Snack, Geezer, and Rod Father. The deep meat riggers took fish from 100-175' down. The spoon riggers took fish 45-60' down. Divers and coppers took a couple shots, but our Cannon Downriggers were our studs!


25th - Our last charter of the season on the Yankee Troller was successful! We punched 4 tickets and headed back to the dock by lunch. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we never hooked a mature fish. All we could buy were one and two year olds. Today, it was a great mix of mature and immature Salmon.


We started on the 24N line and trolled North. We had a pick most of the way, but 27-29N was where it was at for us. Shelly Snack on our Cannon Downrigger and 300' A-TOM-MIK copper were good in the morning. Familiar Bite meat on the Downriggers and Wires kicked in good once the sun came up. Downriggers were parked from 50-100', and wires went from 150-200'. We also took a few fish on a FishUSA 10 color Stealthcore pulling a Warrior Spearmint spoon, and the 200' copper pulling a Team Dreamweaver NBK SS.




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