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Cayuga Nice day at Cayuga 8/31

Dan M

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Launched at Deans around 6am trolled around the launch for a bit with 2 dipsy rigs. One running a bronze multi colored Michigan Stinger Scorpion and the other a flasher fly. Scorpion proceeds to catch a 6# and 9.5# laker pretty early on, and a smaller laker later. Flasher fly gets nothing. Multiple dinky landlocked on the scorpion throughout the day and the larger spoon, and a nice landlocked 5# on a blue/silver Michigan Stinger, as well as a smaller one that I put back. Pretty good action for just myself out there. Most fish caught 40-50' down (dipsy setting 2.5-3 100-135' line out 30# wire.) and around 2.4-2.7mph.

Early bite was good, died down after 10:30 - 11am.

I need a bigger cooler. The 45q bends them all up :)



2019-08-31 18.27.06.jpg

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