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First ever trip this week planned to fish Wed-Saturday.  Fished Wednesday in the rain and went 8 for 12. Thursday we got out for maybe an hour in the AM and went 2 for 3 before getting blown off the lake. Friday we couldn’t get out due to the blow. Stuck around until this morning, got down to the launch at 5:30am and she was still angry. Packed up and headed back to Ohio. Thanks to everyone on here that helped me prepare for this trip. It was blast and I am hooked! 


Most of our success was 70fow 2.3sog riggers down 55. Fly/flasher 










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Congratulations. For the  time you got out you did awesome. I was in the same position as you last year with the itch to salmon fish but no idea how to do it.  The members on this site got me on the fish.  I hope i was of some help and sorry i left the day you were getting there.  Good job and I’m sure you will be back again next year

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