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Strapping down gas tanks and batteries


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Hey guys. As in many of my previous threads, I just got done totally gutting and re-building my boat this spring. One thing I didnt realize with switching from carpet to all vinyl on the floor is that the gas tanks and batteries under the splashwell would slide around on the vinyl. I'll admit that they weren't secured on the old carpet which I know was not good. For the past couple months I've just been using a tie down across the front to keep them from sliding forward, but they still moved side to side some.


Yesterday afternoon I put the finishing touches on it. I bought 8 stainless eye hooks and 4 cam buckle ratchets. I drilled holes in the floor and put the eye hooks in and tied everything down. I covered a small block of wood with vinyl and screwed it to the floor behind the left side battery so it doesn't slide back into the trim pump (mounted on the inside of the transom).The only thing I need to do is to take ghe eye hooks back out and put some 5200 around them to try and seal them up a bit. I'm happy with how it turned out. Everything is super tight and neat, and itll still be easy to remove the tanks for filling. It's hard to tell from the pics, but each battery is tied down with it's own strap. Then the big tank is tied on it's own. The kicker motor tank and the smaller tank are tied with one strap as well. I just thought I'd share.




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A friend of mine had basically the same situation you have . 


I took a piece of plywood big enough to put all the tanks and  batteries on and took pieces of 3/4 pine and outlined the tanks and screwed the pieces to the plywood for a snug fit . Painted the board white and ran a bungee over the tanks . 


Worked  great 

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